"Real travel requires a maximum of unscheduled wandering, for there is no other way of discovering surprises and marvels, which, as I see it, is the only good reason for not staying at home."

- Alan Watts

Expat Counseling

Living abroad is exciting. Traveling to other countries feeds our need for adventure, but it can also be challenging. It is tough learning to adapt to a culture and environment where everything is new, from the landscape and language, to the food and the people. The constant adaptation to newness takes energy which over time can weigh on the mental and physical health. 


Perhaps the most difficult part of creating  a new home is building up a new support system. At first, feelings of isolation and loneliness can creep in. Are you struggling with feeling isolated or lonely in a new place? Or missing your loved ones back home? If so, know that the feeling is normal. It does not mean that you are "failing" at adjusting or that you don't belong. 



As an explorer, nomad, and traveler myself, I understand the conflicting feelings of wanting both adventure and comfort. Let's chat about your experiences and help you find the balance between the two!