As humans, we spend so much time in our own heads regretting the past or worrying about the future. We miss out on the present without recognizing that this moment is all we have. It is in thinking  that all our problems arise. We can get lost old in patterns of thinking without realizing we are "zoned-out". Learning how to fully accept the present moment and embrace presence is a simple solution to our problems, but it is not always an easy one.


Mindfulness, the state of non-judgmental awareness of what is occurring in the present moment, is something that must be practiced. Through mindfulness, one becomes aware of thoughts, feelings, and senses while accepting them as they are without labeling them “good” or “bad”.


There are various skills to help you practice mindful awareness including meditations, mindful movement, and incorporating this mindset throughout your daily routine. You may have attempted these skills only to be met with frustration and resentment towards those who make it look "easy". Through mindfulness training, I help redirect your intentions and understanding of these practices to avoid this outcome. 


Concepts of mindfulness and presence are hard to grasp, but research continues to affirm the benefits of mindful practices that have be around for many centuries. Cultivating mindfulness is proven to help to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, improve memory and focus, and decrease rumination and reactivity.  I can provide you with the "why" and "how" of these practices to help guide you back to trusting yourself, others, and the universe. 

“Stop thinking, and end your problems.”  ― Lao Tzu


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