Psychedelic Preparation & Integration


Research on the use of psychedelic substances in treatment for trauma, anxiety, and depression is on the rise yet again. Clinical trials in the therapeutic uses of MDMA, LSD, and psilocybin are currently being done at universities such as Johns Hopkins University, UCLA, and NYU and the results are overwhelmingly positive

Psychedelics enable a deeper connection with the self. These experiences also provide a space to process and understand what is greater than ourselves, how we interrelate with the universe, and teach us how to let go. A psychedelic experience is often life changing if experienced with the right mindset and setting. More important than the experience itself is the integration of what is understood and learned into life afterwards. 

I offer psychedelic preparation and integration sessions for those who are ready to or have already had psychedelic experiences. 


Psychedelic integration is the ongoing process of exploration into insight and understanding gained after your journey. If incorporated into your life afterward, it can lead to growth and healing. Lasting change can arise from a psychedelic trip if integration is done immediately afterwards and revisited in the next weeks, months and years. Through integration, I help you make sense of what has arisen during the experience, integrate your understanding into your new reality, and implement changes in life based on your needs and goals.  Using my background in trauma therapy, I help facilitate healing from difficult material that you may have faced during your journey.  


To make the most of the integrative process, it is important to properly prepare for the experience beforehand. Preparation sessions include coaching in what to expect, how to prepare  mindset and setting, and thoroughly exploring expectations and goals for the psychedelic experience.


For more information on psychedelic preparation and integration sessions schedule a free consultation. I understand there is still controversy and misinformation about this topic and therefore am more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the therapeutic use of psychedelics!